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What is the CAVALIADA Tour event?

CAVALIADA is the largest equestrian competition in Poland, which takes place in four cities: Poznań, Lublin, Cracow and Warsaw. This is the only competition in the country where you can see four equestrian events in one place and at the same time. For four days, competitors of show jumping, eventing, dressage and driving are competing. Additionally, there is a competition for children on ponies - CAVALIADA Future.

CAVALIADA is an international equestrian competition in which competitors of four equestrian events compete: show jumping, driving, eventing and dressage. The main goal of CAVALIADA is to popularize horse riding in Poland, primarily as a sports discipline, but also as a form of recreation and active leisure.

CAVALIADA Tour is the largest series of international indoor competitions authorized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). The tour takes place in four cities: Warsaw, Poznan, Sopot, Lublin and Cracow.


CAVALIADA is an exciting equestrian competition played at the highest level. As part of the CAVALIADA Tour, show jumping competitors have a chance to compete for valuable points for the world ranking in as many as 11 competitions! Additionally, Poznań, Cracow, Lublin and Warsaw are competitions included in the World Cup of the Central European League, with a grand finale that is taking place in Warsaw. The high level of competition is also maintained in the Driving and Eventing competition. During CAVALIADA, players compete for valuable points to the Polish Indoor Cup, the finals of which are traditionally held in Warsaw.


An inseparable element of each CAVALIADA is a series of shows and attractions for the public. From the presentation of Arabian horses, through the final games of Hutsul teams for the Crystal Ball, to the Polish National Championship of Noble Breeds in Free Jumping. Last year, fans could admire the performances of La Pattat Dutka & Franczak Horse Show - the beauty and precision of the most difficult dressage elements in a magical arrangement of film music as well as energetic and crazy stunts on horses at full gallop in a rock atmosphere.


CAVALIADA Expo is the Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories. The subject of the fair covers everything related to equestrianism and an active form of recreation: equestrian clothing and equipment, stable equipment, horse care equipment and supplies, vitamins, fodder, souvenirs, trade publications and services.

An additional attraction, especially for the youngest ones, is the free program for school and kindergarten groups. Always on Fridays, children will be able to admire the best Polish players and foreign stars "in action" on the park and visit the entire area of the competition.

History of CAVALIADA

The equestrian competition at the Poznań International Fair has been held annually since 1995. The exception was 2008, when the United Nations Conference on Climate Change was held on the fairgrounds and the struggles of riders were moved from the traditional December date to February of the following year. In December 2009, the groundbreaking Poznań Cup for the history of horse racing took place. It was an obstacle jumping competition with a national rank, organized for the first time by the Poznań International Fair, until now only the host of the facility. The CAVALIADA brand was born in 2010. At that time, the international CSI-W competition was held in Poznań. the World Cup qualifying competition. It was then that the formula assuming the division of events into the fair, sports and show part emerged. As a result, the event gained a comprehensive character and began to attract a new, ever wider audience. In 2012, the MTP Management Board decided to organize CAVALIADA in Warsaw, and in 2013 also at the Lublin Fair. In 2016, on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Poznań International Fair in Kołobrzeg, a special edition of the CAVALIADA Summer Jumping event was held - the first international equestrian competition in Europe with a sports arena located on a sandy beach.


In 2019, the Royal City of Krakow also joined the location of the equestrian event. The perfectly adapted TAURON Arena Kraków facility allowed for the organization of the jumping part of CAVALIADA in 2020 at the rank of competitions included in the Central European League of the World Cup.


In January we will welcome everyone to the new location, the ERGO-ARENA entertainment and sports hall located on the border of two cities: Sopot and Gdańsk.

Sopot, as a beautiful seaside city, at the same time strongly connected with equestrian sport, was a natural object of interest for MTP Poznań Expo. ERGO-ARENA is also a huge advantage in terms of the implementation of CAVALIADA in Sopot, which will ensure comfort for the competitors and great conditions for the audience.