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Dressage is an Olympic event, the basis of every equestrian event. At CAVALIADA, the competition takes place at the rank of national CDN competitions, but for several years now there have been many players from abroad on the lists. Dressage is a competition in which the rider and the horse perform individual figures on a arena measuring 20x60 meters.

The arena is provided with a set of letters arranged in a specific manner so that the competitor has reference points while executing the program. Interestingly, the program itself is not a puzzle for players, it is generally available, thanks to which the player learns it by heart and, by repeating, has the opportunity to "polish" any imperfection. It is the constant repetition and improvement of figures, elements and sequences that is the key to success in dressage. The program usually consists of several dozen elements to be performed, for each such element you can get from 0 to 10 points, some elements are awarded with a double number of points.

The winner is the competitor with the highest percentage score. Competitions of this rank are judged by 3 judges with appropriate qualifications, the final result is the average of 3 marks.

Examples of elements performed on CAVALIADA are collected gaits, strings in trot and canter, shoulder blade, leg changes (5 every 3 foules and 7 every 2 foules) and pirouettes. Dressage on CAVALIADA consists of 2 runs, the first as an Intermediate I competition, the second as an Intermediate I Freestyle competition (free with music) - in this competition, the competitor arranges the program for any chosen music from among the available elements.