👉 CAVALIADA Kraków 22-25.02.2024  




Driving at CAVALIADA is played as part of the Polish Indoor Cup in four-in-hand driving. 5 teams take part in the competition, three of which are medalists of the Polish Championships, one is the winner of the qualifications and one wild card awarded by the organizer. The competition takes place in the formula of a combined marathon, i.e. a combination of marathon and dexterity obstacles.
All competitors compete in the basic run, where each mistake is converted into time, only the best 3 competitors go to Drive-OFF, i.e. the game. The team with the best time wins.

In driving, there are many reasons why you can get penalty seconds, the most frequent ones are: throwing balls of a dexterity obstacle - 5 seconds, throwing balls of a marathon obstacle - 5 seconds, route error: knocking down an obstacle not yet overcome - 15 seconds. During the rides, there are also mistakes in the route, the groom's dismissal or his interference with braking or steering the reins, for all these offenses there is an appropriate number of penalty seconds or even elimination.


Marathon obstacle - the order of obstacles in a marathon obstacle is marked by the posts marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E and the colors white and red, traditionally we pass red with our right hand.

Dexterity obstacle - bowling pins - spaced 190 cm apart for four in use, very easy to knock down.
Bridge - quite spectacular is the ride of the team on a specially prepared bridge.