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Indoor Eventing


The Versatile Riding Horse Competition is an Olympic competition, otherwise it is called an equestrian triathlon, because it combines 3 trials - dressage, jumping and an extremely exciting field trial. In the classic eventing, riders compete in a different test each day, usually starting with dressage during which they receive a% grade, missing values ​​up to 100% are penalty points, i.e. a dressage result of 72% gives 28 penalty points. The next day, the competition moves to the cross, where the field trial takes place, the competitors have to overcome even 20-30 natural obstacles on a several-kilometer route, travel times can reach even several minutes of fast galloping. Riders receive penalty points for exceeding the time allowed, horse disobedience or errors in the flag indicating the width and direction of the obstacle being jumped. The last day of the competition is a classic obstacle jumping test on the park, it is a real test for horses that overcame the exhausting cross-country test the day before. The winner is the competitor with the lowest possible number of penalty points.


Only the field trial is held at CAVALIADA, it is one of the few equestrian events that gives the opportunity to overcome obstacles in indoor conditions. The competition is held at a high level, the competitions are included in the Polish Indoor Eventing Cup and only the best players from Poland can participate in them.

Eventing on CAVALIADA consists of 2 rounds - the basic and the winners round for the top 6 competitors or all with faultless runs. The course is primarily terrain obstacles, a banquet, terrain obstacles with the possibility of dropping and a classic course obstacle. The basic round is judged according to table A, i.e. each knockdown or disobedience of the horse is penalized with penalties, in the winners' round, table C is used to evaluate


A terrain obstacle with a hyrda (a quarter round with a hyrda) - this is a permanent obstacle, but the horse can "brush" the upper part of the hedge with his legs

Terrain obstacle - narrow front - a big obstacle is the small width of the obstacle.
An all-terrain obstacle with the possibility of a drop - here a palace-shaped chest with a pole hanging on the supports, a drop is penalized with points.
The Terrain obstacle - Quarter Round - please note that this obstacle is also suitable for placing on the pole supports - so it can be used in the winning round.
All-terrain obstacle - equivalent to a triplebarr, a narrow front made of 3 poles. For the safety of the horse and the competitor, the MIM Clip was used, i.e. a special buckle that releases the highest part of the obstacle after a strong impact, reducing the risk of the horse tipping over.
Banquet - definitely the favorite obstacle of CAVALIADA's audience, it is a specially prepared landing area for horses, often, to make it more difficult, it is used with a narrow front as a combination of obstacles.
An all-terrain obstacle with the possibility of being knocked down - here a corner - an obstacle narrow on one side and wide on the other.