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Show jumping


JUMPING OVER OBSTACLES - this is the most popular equestrian competition in Poland and around the world and the basis of our sports program. In this competition, the rider and the horse pair overcome obstacles placed on the course. Each of the obstacles is built in a way that is safe for both the horse and the competitor, which means that the elements they jump over even when lightly hit fall to the ground. In show jumping competitions, a horse and a rider have to overcome from a few to a dozen obstacles in a specific sequence, time and with as few errors as possible. It is a mistake to knock down the pole or the horse refuses to obey, i.e. to stop in front of the obstacle or bypass the obstacle. The order of jumping obstacles is determined by the numbers next to the obstacle, and the direction of jumping obstacles is marked by flags hanging on the obstacle, we pass the white flag with the left hand and the red flag with the right, it is the flags that determine the width of the obstacle appropriate for the jump. A drop off, breach or exceeding the time limit is punished with penalty points. During CAVALIADA there are competitions of different heights and ranks.
CSI4 * -W next to the event name indicates the International Show Jumping Competition. The number of stars means the financial pool to be won, the greater the number of stars, the higher the pool and the greater the prestige of the event. The "W" next to the name stands for World Cup competitions.

Obstacles in the course:

Stationary - vertical obstacle

Okser - a wide obstacle made of two sections, with the upper poles suspended at the same height

Doublebarre - a single obstacle made of two sections, where the upper poles are suspended at different heights, but the front is always lower than the rear section.

Triplebarre - a single obstacle made of three sections, where the upper poles are suspended at higher and higher heights when viewed from the front.

Liverpool – a single height obstacle standing on an imitation of a ditch filled with water.

Wall - a single height obstacle imitating a wall built of single bricks. The obstacle, despite its appearance, is quite easy to knock down.

A line is a combination of two or three obstacles placed one or two steps away from the horse.


Competition rules may be conducted on the basis of Table A and Table C.

In table A, mistakes are penalized or eliminated. Knocking down an obstacle and a horse's disobedience are punishable by 4 penalty points, exceeding the time allowed is a penalty of 1 point for every 4 seconds started in the basic race and 1 point for every 1 second in the game. Usually, the fastest run with the fewest penalty points will decide to win. In table C errors are converted into penalty seconds added to the Athlete's passing time. Knocking down an obstacle in the basic race is penalized with 4 seconds, in the game - 3 seconds. A Horse's disobedience is not penalized with additional seconds as the Athlete wastes time in re-driving the obstacle. The winner is the competitor who finishes the course with the shortest run time.

Small Round (SR), Medium Round (MR) and Big Round (BR) - these are terms referring to the difficulty of given competitions, i.e. primarily the height of obstacles, it is the Big Round competitions that are the most popular because of their enormous emotions.

CAVALIADA special competitions

- Venus vs Mars - Both men and women compete with each other at the same level, but their results count together in the overall ranking, a variation is the formula of the VENUS vs Mars competition, where the audience can confidently cheer one of the sexes.

- Speed & Music - fast rides to the rhythm of the music, is definitely the most spectacular CAVALIADA competition. In this competition, competitors have to overcome obstacles full of high altitude and difficulties to overcome them. Table C is used in this competition, which means that each drop is converted into time, which means that a very dynamic ride with even 1 drop can bring victory. An interesting complement to the competition is dynamic music served by a DJ.

- The power of a jump - in this competition the number of obstacles overcome is the smallest - one stationary, oxer, triplebarre and a wall, but it is here that the jumps are the highest. In the power of the jump, the competitor in the basic run must flawlessly overcome all obstacles in order to advance to the next games. In each subsequent game (maximum of 4), all obstacles are raised, but the wall is the highest obstacle. CAVALIADA's record is now 220 cm!

- Cavaliada Future - this is a competition of children on ponies. For these competitions, special eliminations are organized in order to select the best rider-horse pairs in Poland. Cavaliada Future is divided into 2 categories - mini and midi - differing in the height of ponies and the height of obstacles adequately adapted to them. Cavaliada Future is a program aimed at supporting the development of young talents.