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What is CAVALIADA Summer?


All up to date information about the CAVALIADA Summer Świnoujście in one place!

CAVALIADA Summer Świnoujście 2023 is the most anticipated equestrian event in Poland!

CAVALIADA Summer Świnoujście 
22 - 25 June 2023
Beach entrance (Interferie Avenue)



Tickets for CAVALIADA Summer Świnoujście 2023 are available via the ToBilet.pl ticket office.
Due to the high level of interest in the event, ticket availability at the ticket office during the event is not guaranteed.  The organiser reserves the right of temporary suspension of the sale, changing the number of available tickets and their price during the sale. The ticket authorises entry to the entire event: SPORT, FAIR, SHOWS.



In July 2016, as part of its 95th anniversary celebrations, Poznań International Fair organised a unique event - CAVALIADA Summer Jumping in Kołobrzeg. This is the first and, for the time being, the only International Equestrian Competition in Europe held directly on the beach.
The event attracted more than 150 competitors from 3 continents, 12 countries, in 4 equestrian competitions.
The competition was held as part of the 2* International Show Jumping Competition and the All-Poland Competition in Eventing, Dressage and Two-Horse Carriage Driving. 
CAVALIADA Summer Jumping in Kołobrzeg attracted record interest from the public. The stands very quickly filled to capacity with equestrian enthusiasts and other spectators. 

After 7 years, CAVALIADA Summer returns to the Baltic Sea!

In June 2023, we will meet on the widest beach in Poland - in Świnoujście.
As part of the event, the organisation of the 2* International Show Jumping Competition as well as the All-Poland Competition in Eventing, Dressage and Two-Horse Carriage Driving is planned. In addition to the sporting part, the event will not lack interesting shows and the Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories.

Experience all 3 dimensions of CAVALIADA


SPORT - CAVALIADA is an exciting equestrian competition held at the top level. As part of the event, show jumping contestants have an opportunity to compete against each other to earn valuable points.  The high level of competition continues in all the equestrian disciplines offered.

SHOW - An inherent part of the CAVALIADA is a series of shows and attractions for the audience. From presentations of beautiful horses and their extraordinary skills to stunt shows.

FAIR - CAVALIADA Expo is a Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories. The topics of the fair cover all issues related to equestrian sports and active leisure: equestrian clothing and equipment, stable equipment, horse care preparations and supplies, vitamins, feed, souvenirs, trade publications and services.


Each day of CAVALIADA features extremely spectacular special competitions!

Thursday - on that day we would like to draw your attention to the most difficult and exciting competition during which we will be able to see the contest of the best riders and reliable horses, namely, the Big Round. The Team Competition will certainly be noteworthy, in which several to more than a dozen pairs will compete. As an evening entertainment we recommend the show block, during which a lot of fun is guaranteed.

Friday - one of the highlights of the programme  is the horse carriage driving, beloved by the audience, as part of CAVALIADA Summer in Świnoujście, where the public will see three horse carriage driving competitions. On that day the evening show block should not be missed either.

Saturday - full of variety - two CAVALIADA Future competitions - the classic competition and the relay, where both children and adults will compete as well as horses and a car. Saturday will also feature a dynamic and spectacular Speed & Music speed competition.

Sunday - the grand final of the competition, CAVALIADA Future and GRAND PRIX.

Contact for the audience

Rafał Kaczmarek
Rafał Kaczmarek