Journalists can already register for accreditation for Cavaliada Poznań, which will be held from 28 November to 01 December 2019.

The great equestrian event known as Cavaliada, which is held every year at the Poznań International Fair, will begin on 28 November and will last until 1 December.

Persons applying for press accreditation are requested to:

  • read the new accreditation regulations CAVALIADA Poznań 2019 CAVALIADA ACCREDITATION REGULATIONS
  • complete the registration form available at: (where the name of the editorial office should be indicated, please also provide a link to the social media profile or blog)
  • after the account is accepted by the system administrator, please log in to the Media Accreditation System and apply for accreditation for Cavaliada Poznań.


18.09.2019 Four, one and young horses


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