14 days left until the CAVALIADA Tour grand finale

27 February 2020

We are only two weeks away from the CAVALIADA Tour 2019/20 Grand Finale, which will be held at the Torwar Central Sports Center in Warsaw for the ninth time. Throughout the four days the fans will be able to see international equestrian competitions in four different areas: show jumping, eventing, dressage and driving.

It is Torwar that, from 12 to 15 March, will reveal the gold medalists of the Polish Indoor Cup Eventing and Four-in-hand Driving, as well as the winner of CAVALIADA Future, Dressage and Tour. Traditionally, CAVALIADA in Warsaw will also be the Final of the World Cup Central European League.

CAVALIADA Warsaw will provide the fans with plenty of sporting excitement. Apart from the popular and entertaining competitions such as Puissance, Venus vs. Mars, relay race and CAVALIADA Future, they will also find prestigious, high-profile sporting competitions. All big tour competitions will be classified in the World Cup ranking. They will also determine the final results of the CAVALIADA Tour. At present, the CAVALIADA Tour ranking is led by the winner of Grand Prix Kraków – Krzysztof Ludwiczak. Seweryn Murdzia is 11 points behind, and Kamil Grzelczyk is ranked third. Two points behind the top three are Wojciech Wojcianiec and Daria Kobiernik, followed by Jarosław Skrzyczyński. The competition between such excellent athletes will certainly be fierce.

Thanks to a significant prize pool, show jumping athletes will be able to gain valuable points for the world ranking in three competitions: the big tour on Friday, Speed & Music on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday with the prize pool close to PLN 200,000. This competition will also constitute the final of the World Cup Central European League. Three highest ranked athletes will be promoted to the World Cup Final, which will take place in Las Vegas in April.

The eventing competitions look just as exciting. There are 10 couples competing for the Polish Indoor Cup medal and the difference between the top five is only about 10 points. At the moment Daria Kobiernik, favourite amongst the Cavaliada spectators, is in the lead. A mere 4 points behind her is Paweł Warszawski, and Marta Dziak-Gierlicz is in the third place. Does this mean that the LOTTO Eventing Tour will not belong to Mateusz Kiempa for the first time in 3 years? The CSJ Coval athlete is currently ranked 7th, but he promises to fight until the very end in Warsaw. The Polish Indoor Cup Eventing final will take place on Friday at 18:30.

As far as the Polish Indoor Cup Four-in-hand Driving is concerned, Piotr Mazurek is the leader, followed by Adrian Kostrzewa in the second place and Ireneusz Kozłowski in third. However, nothing is certain yet because Adrian Kostrzewa still has a chance to come ahead of his rival. This is a guarantee of great excitement for all the fans both on Thursday and Saturday during the finals.

The beloved CAVALIADA Future (children on ponies) competition in Warsaw will be held twice – on Saturday and Sunday. There is an interesting situation in the Mini category scoreboard, where two female riders have gathered the same number of points throughout 6 competitions. Kornelia Pawłowska and Natalia Głowacz will begin from the first position in the finals. 19 points behind them is Berenika Biela, third in the table. As far as the Midi category is concerned, Julia Ganowska leads by 1 point. Luna Kowalonek is right behind her, followed by Paulina Pellowska with four points behind. This is the competition you cannot miss.

This season, Sandra Sysojeva from Lithuania, who has won all the competitions in Poznań, Lublin and Kraków, is the undisputed queen of the Dressage Tour. This practically means that she can be sure of winning the CAVALIADA Tour. What looks to be the fiercest competition, is the fight for the second and third place in the cycle between Ilona Janas, Katarzyna Konarska and Joanna Jawor. We will see the dressage competitors on Friday and Sunday.

Who will prove victorious in the CAVALIADA Tour in the end, who will win the Grand Prix and who will make it to the World Cup final?

We will have all the answers on 15th March.

Tickets for Thursday and Sunday are available at www.tobilet.pl