A split second from hearing the Polish anthem

1 December 2019

Janika Sprunger (SUI) riding King Edward won the Grand Prix of Poznań for the award of the President of PKO Bank Polski, under the patronage of the President of Poznań. The second place went to Wojciech Wojcianiec riding Chintablue, who got valuable points for the Longines and Olympic Games ranking thanks to that.

Fifty athletes took part in the most important competition included in the world ranking, the Central European League World Cup and CAVALIADA Tour. Only 5 couples got qualified, three of which succeeded in completing the course without any mistakes. Janika Sprunger with King Edward proved to be the best.


“This is my first time in Poznań and I would never have expected the atmosphere of the event to be so great. It was a very successful event, especially for me. Today the parkour was definitely the most challenging and the subsequent obstacles kept emerging so quickly. The horses had to be very concentrated and the riders had to make quick decisions. Eventually, I was glad that only five riders got into the jump-off, thanks to which my chances for victory were greater. What more can I say? We took advantage of that chance,” said Janika Sprunger.


“I’m very happy with the result, particularly as I haven’t been lucky for the last two days. Today Chintablue performed phenomenal jumps and everything worked out as planned. A split second and I would be in Janika’s place today,” said Wojciech Wojcianiec. “It wasn’t luck, it was just a quicker ride,” added Janika laughing.

The third place went to Emanuele Camilla (ITA) riding the gelding Jakko.

Thanks to that, Wojciech Wojcianiec scored 80 valuable points for the world ranking and is now ranked third in the CAVALIADA Tour ranking together with Michael Kolz (GER).


Results: https://zawodykonne.com/zawody/tarantevents/tour/671/8796


The CSI4* Small Round final for the award of Kwiaty Polskie, under the patronage of Adamus company, saw the victory of Jeroen De Winter (BEL) riding GRETEL S. The second place was taken by Robinson Maupiler (FRA) with IDEE-FIXE D’EXAERDE, followed by Barbara Schnieper (SUI) with AXELLE M Z in the third.


In the second competition of CAVALIADA Future young athletes competed for the award of PKO Bank Polski, under the patronage of Torpol, in two categories: MINI and MIDI. Each of them was attended by 8 riders.

The winner in the MINI category was Natalia Głowacz with SZAMAN. The second place went to Nel Skotarczak with FRANKENHOE’S MYLORD, followed by Nell Sówka with S-PIORUN in the third.

The best athlete in the MIDI category was Luna Kowalonek with BORSALINO. Right behind her came the female riders Hanna Kuczkowiak with WRANGLER FOREST and Lena Czeszejko-Sochacka with MIŁEK PONYSPORT.


The Dressage Tour competition for the Look and BeautyVISION award, under the patronage of ToBilet.pl saw the victory of Sandra Sysojeva (LTU) with FURST. The second place went to Magdalena Zalewska (POL) with QUINTESSENZ SAS, while the third was taken by Agnieszka Wiśniewska (POL) with TARA.


The CSIYH1* Cavaliada Youngster Tour competition for the award of the MTP Group, under the patronage of the Polish Association of Horse Breeders involved 59 couples. Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) with QUICK STEP turned out to be the best. The second place was taken by Barbara Schnieper (SUI) with BAILEYS VOM ILUM and third place went to Andrius Petrovas (LTU) with SHERLOCK.


The 140 cm last-chance competition saw the victory of the Polish representative Dajana Pawlicka riding Black & White.