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CAVALIADA Poznań – over one million PLN in the prize pool


The sport program for the CSI CAVALIADA Poznań competition has been announced. The show will be held from 7-10 December 2023. After a 4-year break, the rank of the event returns to four stars and will include as many as four FEI ranking competitions. Classes within the CSI1* (130-140 cm), CSIAm-A (110-125 cm) and CSIYH (5, 6 and 7-year-olds) will complete the schedule.

The raising of the rank and prize pool of most competitions of CAVALIADA Tour 23/24 was announced by the Grupa MTP back in June. We now know that during the Poznań leg of the series, the prize pool for show jumpers will exceed one million PLN.

Twelve classes will be held as part of the CSI4*-W. The Big Tour will start on Thursday with the LR Speed Masters (145 cm). After that, the rivalry will become more difficult and increasingly prestigious. On Friday, the 150 cm jump-off class will take place, with a higher prize pool (PLN 120 000), counting for the FEI ranking and CAVALIADA Tour 2023/2024. Sunday’s Grand Prix (155 cm) will also be a chance to score points in the Tour. The prize pool here will reach PLN 407 200, which opens up the opportunity to compete for more for the FEI ranking (100 for the first place). In addition, the Grand Prix will count towards the FEI Jumping World Cup™ Central European League.

And that’s not all. The ranking class on Saturday afternoon will be the final of the Medium Tour (145 cm, jump-off, prize pool of PLN 108 700). The final will be preceded by two 140 cm classes. The CSI4*-W will also include a Small Tour, at the height of 135 cm.


Special, fan-favourite competitions are a fixed part of CAVALIADA’s program. There have been some changes to the schedule compared to previous editions. Speed & Music will be the attraction of Friday evening (second start of a horse on the same day will be allowed). Here, the fences will stand at the height of 140 cm, and a cheque to the value of PLN 15,000 will be waiting for the winner (the prize pool being PLN 45,000). The traditional Puissance competition has been replaced by a Six Bars class. On Saturday, fans will be able to witness the scope and agility of horses overcoming a series of obstacles up to two meters high. The prize pool wil reach PLN 40,000.

The possibility of using many of the Poznań fair's pavilions to prepare additional arenas and comfortable stables opens up the opportunity for many less experienced pairs to compete. Two rounds will be played out in the CSI1* - Small (130 cm) and Big (135 - 140 cm). As always in Poznań, we will see 6- and 7-year-olds compete in the CSIYH, and as a novelty this year - also 5-year-old horses.

Two classes will be held daily as part of the CAVALIADA Open Tour (CSIAm-A). The smaller round will be the 110/110/115 cm classes and the larger round - the 120/125/125 cm classes. This season's competitions will be included in a series, the winners of which will be determined in February during the CAVALIADA Tour finals in Krakow.

Two spacious arenas measuring 30 by 70 metres will be the playgrounds of the show jumping competition during CAVALIADA Poznań. Competitors will have as many as three warm-up arenas at their disposal. Everything will be located in comfortable, heated fair pavilions.

FEI passports only required for the CSI4*-W.