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CAVALIADA Tour – grand finale in a month's time in Krakow


CAVALIADA Tour 2023/2024 is not only four unique events, but also a ranking battle for the title of the best rider of the season. The grand finale, featuring the prizegiving ceremony of the individual classification, will take place on 22-25 February 2024 at TAURON Arena Krakow. However, even before we get to know who will stand on the highest place of the podium, the competitors will fight for valuable points in the third stage in Sopot.

CAVALIADA Tour consists of four key sporting competitions on the European equestrian map. Ranking classifications are kept in all equestrian disciplines. CAVALIADA Tour ranking corresponds to the international competition in showjumping, CAVALIADA Future is for children and their ponies, and CAVALIADA Open Tour is the rivalry for Amateurs. Ranking points are also calculated in other competitions: Eventing (TRAF Eventing Tour), Driving (ORLEN Driving Tour) and Dressage (CAVALIADA Dressage Tour). At each stage, riders compete for higher placings, more points and the fight for pole position is getting fiercer with each location.

The CAVALIADA Tour ranking relates to showjumping competitions. The classes included in this ranking are the highlights of the sport program, i.e. the Big Tour on Friday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. In total, the CAVALIADA Tour ranking includes as many as seven preliminary competitions and the final:

- CSI3*-W Cavaliada Warszawa** (16-19 November 2023) – stage 1. and 2.

- CSI4*-W Cavaliada Poznań** (7-10 December 2023) – stage 3. And 4.

- CSI2* Cavaliada Sopot** (1-4 February 2024) – stage 5. And 6.

- CSI4*-W Cavaliada Kraków** (22-25 February 2024) – stage 7. and the final

Classification rules

In each competition counting for CAVALIADA Tour, athletes earn ranking points depending on their placing. The number of points awarded differs for the preliminary stages and the final competition, where points are doubled. The final classification is determined by the sum of the points scored in the best three performances in the preliminary classes and the final competition. The history of the final competitions has shown that we cannot be sure who will win until the very end.

"CAVALIADA in Krakow is a very important event for me for two reasons. Firstly, it is the final stage of CAVALIADA Tour, where we will do our best to win, and secondly, it is the final of the FEI Jumping World Cup Central European League, where stakes are very high - the fight determine who will qualify for the World Cup Final in Riyadh. The arena in Krakow is amazing. I would like to finish the CAVALIADA Tour season in the best possible style, see you there!" - says Angelos Touloupis from Greece, currently second in the CAVALIADA Tour ranking.

Prizes and final prizegiving ceremony

The organisers have prepared a unique prizegiving ceremony with a special showcase for the top three riders of the CAVALIADA Tour 2023/2024 season. Red carpet and statues are only some of the things that await the best of the best. Above all, in the CAVALIADA Tour classification, the five riders with the most ranking points receive financial prizes in the following amounts: 

  1. EUR 5 200,00
  2. EUR 2 600,00
  3. EUR 2 100,00
  4. EUR 1 500,00
  5. EUR 1 000,00

Detailed rules are available in the competition regulations. For more information on CAVALIADA Tour, visit Join us for an exciting wrap-up of the 2023/2024 CAVALIADA Tour season.

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