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Cavaliada Warsaw and Poznań program


On September 15, at 12:00, the sale of tickets for Cavaliada Warsaw and Cavaliada Poznań 2021 will start. The proven points of the programme will remain unchanged, but the organisers have already announced a change in the formula of two competitions: Cavaliada Future and Venus vs. Mars. What do we know about this year’s programme of the largest equestrian cycle in Poland?

Traditionally, during the four days of competition, fans will be able to see four equestrian events in one place: show jumping, four-in-hand driving, dressage and eventing. There will also be shows, as well as the Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories.

The show jumping competitions will be held at an international level with competitions included in the ranking of the International Equestrian Federation and the Central European League of the World Cup. For the first time in history, the final of the Cavaliada Tour and the final of the Central European League of the World Cup will be held not in Warsaw, but in Krakow. A novelty in this series is also a new location − Sopot and Ergo Arena.

“Each of us is waiting for Cavaliada. It’s an amazing competition and a great show. Back in December, I said to my boyfriend that Ergo Arena would be the perfect place for Cavaliada and we will be there in January. I’m really looking forward to competing in this arena. However, I am most closely associated with Cavaliada in Poznań. There I started as a small child and I have the most fond memories with it,” says Ola Kierznowska, gold medallist of the Polish Young Riders Championships, winner of two Cavaliada Grand Prix, including in Poznań during the CAVALIADA Winter Tour.

The highlights of the programme will remain the same. We will see carriage on Thursday and Saturday, eventing on Friday, and dressage on Friday and Sunday. Show jumping competitions will be held on each day of the competition. Driving and eventing will take place as part of the Polish Indoor Cup, the final of which will be held in February in Krakow. In addition, we can already announce that CAVALIADA Future and Venus vs. Mars will appear in new formulas. We will inform about them after approval of the proposal by the International Equestrian Federation.

“We are already slowly getting ready for the Cavaliada cycle. This season I will compete in two competitions − show jumping and eventing, here probably with my proven Igunia (Ideal Girl),” says Daria Kobiernik who in 2019/2020 was the first competitor in Cavaliada history to start in three competitions − show jumping, eventing and dressage, winning the entire eventing series − CAVALIADA Eventing Tour. And which location am I waiting for the most? Poznań is the Mecca of Cavaliada − the most prestigious location with a unique atmosphere. The new location − Sopot, is also promising to be particularly exciting, but due to the fact that I have always had good results in Krakow, I am definitely waiting for the final. I hope that this year we will see the stands full of fans again, because fans are the soul of this event.”

The demonstration part is included in the Saturday and Sunday programme. La Pattat Dutka & Franczak Show, a group already known from Cavaliada, will perform. It will present the spectacle “Enchanted,” which is a fairy-tale arrangement full of magic, trust and extremely exciting elements presented by an international team of equestrian artists. Beautiful horses of the Lipizzan breed and warm-blooded Lusitano horses will show the highest level of skills, combining the beauty of dressage with energetic French voltage.

“For us, Cavaliada is a unique sports event bringing together the entire equestrian community, filled by a multitude of fans, competitors from four competitions, sponsors and partners, industry representatives, exhibitors, and the media. It all adds up to a unique atmosphere and unforgettable emotions. Unfortunately, the pandemic strongly verified our plans and it was hard for us to imagine Cavaliada without an audience. However, we hope that the new series will not meet with significant restrictions, so on September 15 we will start selling tickets for the first two events − Warsaw and Poznań,” emphasises Radosław Kulupa, director of CAVALIADA Tour.

Tickets are sold in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers in connection with the epidemic. The pool of tickets was divided into a pool for people vaccinated against COVID-19 with a full dose of vaccines approved in the European Union and a pool for people who do not declare full vaccination.

The launch of sales of two events: in Warsaw and Poznań is planned for September 15, at 12:00, only via the platform

The sale of tickets for Cavaliada in Sopot and Krakow is planned for October.

CAVALIADA Tour Calendar:

 - Warsaw, November 11-14, 2021

- Poznań, December 16-19, 2021

- Sopot, January 20-23, 2022

- Krakow February 17-20, 2022