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CAVALIADA will visit Sopot for the first time ever


Several hundred horses, riders from all over Europe and four days full of sports emotions - the first edition of the CAVALIADA Sopot equestrian competition starts on January 20th. The ERGO ARENA entertainment and sports hall will turn into a large playing field, where competitions in show jumping, dressage, eventing and driving will be held.

CAVALIADA Tour is a series of equestrian competitions, during this edition visiting four cities: Warsaw, Poznań, Sopot and Krakow. It is a true festival for horse lovers, which combines elements of sports rivalry with shows and fairs. What makes it so popular and why is it perfect for whole families?

Since 2010, when the CAVALIADA brand was introduced, the event organized by Grupa MTP has been attracting more and more world-class competitors, as well as the best Polish athletes. CAVALIADA also includes interesting shows as well as the Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories.

The CAVALIADA program is a presentation of four equestrian disciplines in the most spectacular and audience-friendly version. Fans can watch the demanding show jumping competitions, elegant dressage full of class, some of the best four-in-hand drivers, indoor eventing (CAVALIADA is the only competition in Poland where eventers can compete in the hall during the winter), and children with their ponies - CAVALIADA Future.

- For us, CAVALIADA is a unique sports event bringing together the entire equestrian community, filled with a multitude of fans, competitors, sponsors, and partners, as well as representatives of the equine industry, the media, and exhibitors. It all adds up to a unique atmosphere and unforgettable emotions. We are very happy that this potential has been noticed by the representatives of the City of Sopot. Thanks to their support, we can further develop our project - says Radosław Kulupa, director of CAVALIADA Tour.

Within the most important CAVALIADA discipline, show jumping, the program is designed so that classic competitions are intertwined with entertaining ones. The latter are intended to showcase the sport in the most exciting form. These include: the Puissance (the winner is whoever jumps the highest over the impressive red wall), Venus vs. Mars (a rivalry between men and women), the relay and "Speed ​​& Music". In the relay race, the teams consist of three people: one adult competitor who takes part not on horseback, but ... driving a car, and two CAVALIADA Future riders on ponies. The last of the mentioned classes is the "Speed ​​& Music", where speed meets loud and entertaining hits - this is one of the audience's favorites!

The conclusion of the jumping competition is the Grand Prix, in which only the best competitors take part. The prize pool in this one will reach over PLN 100,000.

Four days filled with competitions, four disciplines, shows and fairs - all of this will be waiting for fans, on January 20-23, 2022, for the first time ever at ERGO ARENA. Tickets can be purchased via the website: