Cavaliada’s hall of fame

5 March 2019

Masterlist of CAVALIADA Warsaw. Meet our stars!

Michael Kolz – the current bronze medalist of the German championship. In his career he won Grand Prix and other world ranking CSI competitions in Gera, Redefin, Sommerstorf, Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Jakubowice, Besiekierz and at Cavaliada Poznań (Speed & Music 2011). Still, he considers his performance in the Great Prix of Aachen last year to be his greatest sporting achievement. He only made one mistake in this toughest Grand Prix in the world. In Kraków we will see him with his wife Ellen, together with whom he runs a horse training centre in Leisning.

Rein Pill – the most experienced of Estonian show jumping athletes (58 years old). He participated in the World Cup finals three times, and twice in the European Championship. In the past few years he won contests included in the world ranking in Chernyakhovsk, Zagare, Helsinki (CSI5*), St. Petersburg, Siauliai, Riga, Ciekocinko, Warsaw and Poznań. He made his way into the history of the series as the first winner of the Grand Prix of Cavaliada (Poznań 2010, on Virgin Expres).

Andrius Petrovas – for many years the best Lithuanian rider, winner of many national championships. Since 1998 he has been a member of the Lithuanian national team. He participated in the final of the 2014 World Cup in Lyon. He came in second in the Cavaliada Tour 2013/14, losing to Ales Opatrny by just one point. In the recent years he has won competitions included in the world ranking in Lyon, Celje, Moscow, Konakov, Vazgaikiemis and Sopot. Together with his wife Daiva, they run their own equestrian center in Vilnius.

Jarosław Skrzyczyński – the leader of the ranking, current and four-time Polish champion and most importantly ranked 53rd among the best show jumping athletes in the world. Last year he won 18 international world ranking competitions, including two CSI4* Grand Prix in Samorin and Poznań. He was a member of the Polish team who came in 4th in the Nations Cup (at CSIO in Sopot). In the previous indoor season, after his victories in the Grand Prix of Lublin and Warsaw, he took the highest step on the podium of the Cavaliada Tour for the fourth time. Warsaw is where he will do his best to qualify for the World Cup final for the third time in his career.

Krzysztof Ludwiczak – he made the whole 2018 season dependent on being part of the national team for the Nations Cups and World Championships. He was the best in the Polish team (0/4), who took the second place in the Nations Cup in Drammen. His greatest individual success is the second place at the CSI4* Grand Prix in Arezzo. He started this year very well winning the CSI2* Grand Prix in Sopot in January and did even better in Lublin, where he won the Grand Prix, thus becoming the leader of the Cavaliada Tour 2018/2019.

Wojciech Wojcianiec – second best of the PZJ ranking and the current bronze medalist of the Polish Championships. In the previous season, he came in second in the Cavaliada Tour. In 2018 he won 2 competitions included in the LR. His other great achievements include taking the second place in CSI3*W Grand Prix in Warsaw, the fourth place in CSIO5* Grand Prix in Sopot and CSI4* in Poznań. Last year he was a member of the Polish team for the Nations Cup.


Paweł Warszawski – took his first steps in the club of Gabon Walewice. Currently he is a rider and trainer of the Baborówko Equestrian Association. As a junior he won the bronze at the European Championships. In his career he was the senior champion of Poland, the winner of the Polish Cup and the winner of the PZJ ranking. He has already participated in the European Senior Championships twice. He is a member of the Polish national team that will compete to get promoted to the Olympic Games held in Tokyo in May. In addition to horse riding, he loves hunting, skiing, tennis and football. Despite the fact that he comes from the Mazovia region, he is now a fan of Lech Poznań together with his sons.

Mateusz Kiempa – an athlete of CSJ Coval club. In 2018 he won the gold medal of the Eventing Polish Cup. He won the previous edition of the Cavaliada Eventing Tour, and is now the leader of the tournament. In his debut in 2017 he finished the European Senior Championships in Strzegom. Just like Warszawski, he is preparing for this year’s Olympic Games qualifiers. Apart from Eventing, he also takes part in the show jumping competition, and by winning the puissance contest in Cavaliada Lublin, he proved that he does it pretty well.


Bartłomiej Kwiatek – a competitor of SLKS Książ and an employee of the Stallion Stud in Książ belonging to the National Agricultural Support Centre (KOWR). He is the current world champion in one-in hand driving (earlier, in 2010, he was the world’s runner up in this competition). He is a seven-time winner of the World Equestrian Federation ranking. He can be considered a very versatile athlete as he has twice (2017 and 2018) been the Champion of Poland in the four-in-hand driving, and has won the Cavaliada Tour series twice. He learnt driving from his dad Arkadiusz. His sister Weronika, together with whom he won the silver team medal at the European Championships in 2016, also takes part in the Polish national team.

Piotr Mazurek – is a representative of SJ Kunowo. He is the most experienced Polish four-in-hand driver – participant of three World Equestrian Games and winner of the previous edition of Cavaliada Tour. In 2018 he won an international competition in Ptakowice. He breeds horses he rides. The tradition of horse breeding in his family dates back over 100 years. In addition to that, Peter is a veterinarian.

Ilona Janas – is a representative of KJ Lider Radzionków. She was the winner of the  gold at the Polish Indoor Cup 2018. In the 2016/17 season she triumphed in the Cavaliada Dressage Cup. Her successes in recent seasons are connected with the horse Lord Django. First, she won the Polish Championships of Young Horses twice (5 and 6 year olds), and last year she won the Stallions of the Year competition during the World Championships of Young Horses. Throughout the past two seasons they have been doing so well that their rides have always scored over 70%. Their goal now is to qualify for the Olympic Games. Ilona Janas is also an excellent trainer. Her trainees have already won 16 medals of the Polish Championships and Polish Cups in the youth categories.