Exciting Friday at CSI2* CAVALIADA Lublin

2 February 2019

The morning competitions left both the participants and the fans really excited. The highest place on the podium in the morning Medium Round competition went to Aleksandra Zybala and her horse Bebeto. Jacek Zagor, riding Gullit H, came second right after her, whilst Dominika Słodczyk and her horse Drako finished in the third place.

“Let’s keep it that way,” is how Dawid Skiba, the winner of the Big Round competition, briefly commented on his success today. For this athlete it is the first victory in his career in the competition included in the Longines world ranking, and for Badorette it is the first victory ever. The competition saw a total of 48 couples. The course featured with 145 cm high obstacles proved to be so difficult that it was only the seventeenth couple on the starting grid that managed to clear it without any faults. The audience gave a huge applause, for the athlete who did this excellent ride was Aleksandra Kierznowska on Denver Z., a nearly 16-year-old Junior Champion of Poland, who debuted in an international competition of this status. In the end, only 7 couples entered the game. Dawid Skiba on Badorette turned out to be the best after a fierce challenge. Following last year’s victory in the Polish Equestrian League, the athlete of KJ Agro-Handel Śrem keeps doing better and better in the international competition. It was only three weeks ago in Sopot that he came third in a similar category. Today marks the first victory in his career.

“It is the first victory for me as well as for Badorette,” commented Skiba. “Badorette will surely appear in the Friday’s CSI2* CAVALIADA competition in Kraków, which is also included in the Longines qualifiers,” he added. The second place was taken by Krzysztof Ludwiczak at Nordwind, the third place went to Dawid Kubiak on his mare Anastacia III, and the fourth place belonged to Estonian Rein Pill on Alfons RA. All of them did double clear. Aleksandra Kierznowska finished her debut in the fifth place.

Evening adrenaline rush

Viktorija Kundrotaite on Hefaistas won the CAVALIADA Dressage Cup competition for the Lublin Fair award under the patronage of equista.pl. The victory allowed the Lithuanian athlete to move up to the 5th place in the CAVALIADA Dressage Cup ranking. Sandra Sysojeva took the first place in the ranking, finishing in the third place in today’s qualifying round, and thus taking the lowest place on the podium.

Mateusz Kiempa on Jak Chef proved victorious in the LOTTO Eventing Tour competition. It was not the first time he had proven to be such a versatile athlete, and after yesterday’s victory in the Puissance competition, he is now one of the greatest stars of CAVALIADA Lublin. The second place was taken by Joanna Pawlak on Fantastic Frieda, whereas the third place went to Paweł Warszawski, who managed to keep his position as the leader of the ranking.

“In the first run, timing was definitely the challenge,” commented Kiempa. Out of eight couples, only two managed to meet this limit. This year I also decided to choose a different horse and although Jak Chef may be a bit worse, he is still doing well. He is hyperactive, which is why he got stressed by the loud music in the first run. Fortunately, we managed to control it in the second one and… win,” he concluded.

It was also a great joy for Paulina Koza to win the evening Venus vs. Mars show, as she came here from Silesia only to take part in this competition. Paulina’s victory on Conner today is even more rewarding than her third place in Poznań. The second place went to Mściwoj Kiecoń, riding Odessa Profi, whilst Aleksandra Kierznowska and Valencia together with Paweł Jurkowski and Espresso 22 shared the final place on the podium.