👉 CAVALIADA Kraków 22-25.02.2024  


Fight for the World Cup Final at CAVALIADA Kraków


CAVALIADA Krakow will host the final of the Central European League of the World Cup for the second time. Competitors will fight for the top three placings, which will secure them their spot at the World Cup Final - this year taking place in Omaha (USA) in April. Who is most likely to get their ticket?

The Central European League is divided into two sub-leagues - Northern and Southern. However, in practice, this division does not matter much, because regardless of the federation, the athlete can compete in both sub-leagues and score points for his table in each of them. 20 riders from each sub-league gain the right to compete in the league finals. The place in the qualifications is determined by the ranking points obtained in 10 best results. However, before the final, a new ranking is created, which includes athletes from both sub-leagues, taking into account only those who applied for the final competition and only the top 5 results from the qualification.


What will the final rivalry look like?

- Three competitions are held during the final in Krakow. On the first day it is a speed competition, at the height of 145 cm. The top ten receive ranking points according to the scale - 10 points for first place, 9 points for the second, etc. On Friday, there is a 150 cm class with a jump-off. Here, points are assigned according to the same rules as in the qualifiers. After a day of break, the last and most important class is the PKO Bank Polski Grand Prix, at the height of 155 cm, with a jump-off, in which points are awarded as in the qualifications, but doubled - explains CAVALIADA Tour Sports Director, Szymon Tarant.


The Top Three to get the ticket to the World Cup Final is decided by:

the sum of points collected within the 5 best results in qualifiers and the sum of points collected during the final competitions. During both Qualifiers and Finals, the competitions are open to all riders, but points are only awarded to the Central European League athletes.


Who is most likely to get qualify for the Final?

There will be 17 riders fighting for their chance to compete at this year's finals in Omaha, USA at the event in Krakow. The entry list includes the leaders of both subleagues: Andrius Petrovas from Lithuania and Damian Cojocariu from Romania.

- Those who scored more than 50 points in qualifiers have the best chance of success. In addition to the leaders, there are also other ones to watch: Nerijus Sipaila, Donatas Janciauskas and Matas Petraitis (Lithuania). In the event of a successful performance at CAVALIADA Kraków, Poles ranked in the Top 10 of the ranking may also join the rivalry: Marek Wacławik, Natalia Palmowska, Adam Nicpoń, Hubert Polowczyk and the most experienced in this group, three-time participant of the World Cup Final, Jarosław Skrzyczyński - emphasizes Szymon Tarant.


Tickets for CAVALIADA Kraków can be purchased at: https://tobilet.pl/cavaliada-tour-krakow-2023.html

The program is available here: https://krakow.cavaliada.pl/pl/kibice/wazne-informacje/program-zawodow/