First Big Round for Sander Geerink

28 February 2019

The winner of the first day of the international equestrian competition CAVALIADA Kraków is Sander Geerink from the Netherlands, who won the big round competition riding the 10-year-old mare Donner IK.

18 out of 73 athletes managed to complete the 140 cm arena without any mistake. It was the first qualifying round for the most important competition, the Sunday’s Grand Prix, which already has eight Polish jumpers qualified for. Dawid Skiba did best, taking the fourth place with Secret Weapon L.

Polish female riders, including Monika Grundkowska, Aleksandra Kierznowska, Daria Kobiernik, Dalia Lehmann, Weronika Minkiewicz and Maria Baehr and Anna Szary-Ziębicka also demonstrated their best skills, who completed the competition on paid positions.

The spectacular Puissance competition saw eight athletes. The task turned out to be so challenging that the first round was flawlessly defeated by three competitors, who later continued the fight between one another until the very end. Only Jakub Krzyżosiak on Direstrait succeeded in defeating the 190 cm high wall. This is his very first victory in this kind of competition.

Adrian Kostrzewa won the first stage of the Kraków edition of the Four-in-hand Polish Indoor Cup, thus taking the leading position alongside Piotr Mazurek (ex aequo).

“My main focus in the first run was to make it into the second. This is the risk I took. Everything will get clear on Saturday, but if the horses do as they have done today, the colleagues will definitely need to do their best” said Adrian Kostrzewa.

The second place was taken by Piotr Mazurek and the third place went to Bartłomiej Kwiatek.

The average round belonged to horses bred in Poland. Jan Vinckier took the victory on Qantas, bred at Kunowo Stud.

The competition between 115 pairs was fierce until the very end, and the differences between the competitors were a matter of fractions of seconds. Starting as 78th, Jan Vinckier on Qantas set a time that was not beaten until the very end.

Despite the fact that he represents Belgium, he lives and trains in Poland. The horse he rides is an 8-year-old gelding, bred by Mr. Roman Roszkiewicz.

Although Dawid Skiba on La Vulkano L (also bred in Poland by Mr. Jan Ludwiczak) was close to beating this phenomenal time, in the end he came in second. The third place went to the Czech female rider, Sara Vinglarkova on the mare L’Amour.

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