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Grand Prix for the Greek


Angelos Touloupis on Lord Mexx won the CAVALIADA Warsaw Grand Prix, for the prize of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, under the patronage of the Grupa MTP.

Forty-eight pairs took part in the Grand Prix of CAVALIADA Warsaw. The height of the obstacles reached 160 cm, as this class was not only a Longines Ranking competition, but also a World Cup qualifier. The course was demanding, but it turned out that in fact the most difficult task was the time. The pace that was enforced by the course designer caused riders to make mistakes or, while clearing the fences, to go over the time by fractions of a second. Some lacked a bit of luck, but either way we saw a lot of very good rounds. Only two, but very fast horse-and-rider combinations entered the jump-off. The final barrage, though it lasted a very short time, was truly an exciting spectacle for the Warsaw crowd. Riding first, Matt Garrigan from Ireland with QUANTUM ROBIN V was fast and clear, and seemed to set the bar very high. However, Angelos Touloupis and LORD MEXX, known for their ability be really dynamic, executed everything perfectly and overtook the Irish pair. And thus, Angelos takes the lead in the CAVALIADA Tour ranking.


- My horse did everything for me, he's amazing, thanks to him I didn't even feel like I was jumping as high as 160cm. I think my key to success was the bond that I share with my horse. We are a great team, I love him and I think he loves me. I've had him for three years, I got him when he was a seven-year-old. I am very happy that he has performed so well. I come to Warsaw every year, I love coming back here. I get good results here every time and I am happy to be back" said Angelos Touloupis.


Third place with one point for time went to the young Hungarian representative Zoltan Lazar Dr. with DIABLO -the best result for him so far in his career. Polish riders Michał Kaźmierczak and Mściwoj Kiecoń, who each got one unlucky pole down, narrowly missed out on the jump-off.


Grand Prix results:


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The organiser of CAVALIADA Warsaw was Grupa MTP. The strategic sponsor was ORLEN, the host city - Warsaw, and the partner - the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.