Hassmann winner of the Speed & Music

30 November 2019

Felix Hassmann from Germany with Sl Brazonado has won the Speed & Music competition in Group D of the world ranking for the second time in a row. After a phenomenal performance, the second place went to Natalia Czernik with Everdi. She was followed by Jur Vrielling (NED) with Dallas VDL who came in third.

The spectacular Speed & Music contest under the patronage of Marek Woźniak, the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship, and the media patronage of Radio ESKA, saw 40 couples. Natalia Czernik, who competed with Everdi as the 4th athlete, maintained the lead for most of the competition and it seemed that no one was going to beat the result. However, starting as the second to last couple, last year’s winner of the Speed & Music contest Felix Hassman with Sl Brazonado were able to win again thanks to fast and smooth performance.

“This has been a top-of-the-league contest and I can’t believe I managed to win again. I had many, very strong opponents, which made it even more fun for me. Tomorrow’s the Grand Prix competition, where I am hoping for a flawless ride,” said Felix Hassmann.

Results – https://zawodykonne.com/zawody/tarantevents/tour/671/8794