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Huge emotions and a win for Kwiatek


Stage 2 of the ORLEN Driving Tour ended with a victory of Bartłomiej Kwiatek. In the CAVALIADA Future, Ignacy Luboński and Anna Korus triumphed. In the CAVALIADA Open Tour final, the best riders were Łukasz Bogusz and Julia Koszuta.

Eight teams took part in the second stage of ORLEN Driving Tour. The competitors did not avoid mistakes today. However, it was not clear until the very end who the final winner would be. Ultimately, the best time belonged to Bartłomiej Kwiatek with his groom Katarzyna Wieczorek, driving HEKTOR and BOLO.


- Above all, the funniest moment of this whole competition was the fact that we knew from the very beginning that the most difficult obstacles of the whole parkour were the 1st and the 12th, that is the first and the last one. Weronika and I both said: watch out for 1 and 12. We enter the second turn, I knock down the first obstacle, Weronika rides with a very good time and knocks down the 12. We simply made mistakes at those obstacles which were the most difficult in solidarity with the other competitors," says Bartłomiej Kwiatek. And he adds - We are really happy with the audience, the horses and our team. You can see that it is going in the right direction. It's such an evenly matched field that the differences are about seconds. The cool thing about this year's CAVALIADA is that we don't really know the winner until the end. Each of the drivers who enter the second round is a potential winner, which is why we are really excited until the very end. This is the beauty of the sport and that is exactly what we wanted,' emphasises Kwiatek.


His sister Weronika followed in close second, and third belonged to Aleksander Fularczyk.





Ignacy Luboński with S-PIORUN won the second CAVALIADA Future competition in the mini category. Second place went to Amelia Marszałek riding LASEK and third to Ignacy's sister Helena with RAMIRO. In the midi category, Anna Korus with BALLYSEEDY JACKO proved to be the best. She was closely followed by Nela Seroczyńska with EUROPA and Anna Romanowska took home the third with HADES PONYSPORT.


Ignacy Luboński is the leader of the MINI ranking, and in the MIDI category the lead belongs to Anna Korus.




The CAVALIADA Open Tour competition ended with the Sunday Final in two categories - Silver (115 cm) and Gold (125 cm). The 115 cm class, for the prize of TVP Sport was lucky for Łukasz Bogusz with SAINT VINCENT. Second place went to Natalia Zimnowodzka with KALANTE, and third to Julia Tybulczuk and CASPAR MS.


The 125 cm class, for the prize of Nuba Equi, belonged to Julia Koszuta and HELLUM H&H. Jacek Muraczewski riding ARIA was second, and Kamil Kowalski with CELINE - third.


For the first time at CAVALIADA, riders compete for rankings points in the Open category in each stage. The leader in the Silver category after the competition in Warsaw is Zofia Trela, and in Gold - Julia Koszuta.


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