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Joanna Pawlak takes the lead


The TRAF Eventing Tour class of CAVALIADA Sopot ended with the win of Joanna Pawlak.

11 horse-and-rider combinations took part in the class, for the prize of TRAF – Zakłady Wzajemne. The course was quite demanding and full of technical questions. The best six qualified for the deciding round. There, a clear round aboard a very fast Armin de Monsieur secured the win for Joanna Pawlak. Second today went to Aurelia Drywa with Iwan. Paweł Warszawski with Fuerta was the fastest, but an unlucky knockdown at the corner cost him three penalty seconds and that meant he had to settle for third.

“The first course was quite twisty, and you had to take a few short turns to be inside the time. I lacked a bit of luck in the previous classes, there was always someone just a bit faster than me. Today it went my way and I’m really happy!” – said the rider.

Joanna Pawlak is the new leader of TRAF Eventing Tour – the Polish Indoor Eventing Cup.


The evening ended with the Puissance class, for the prize of Grupa MTP. The only rider to jump clear over the 205cm wall was Marek Lewicki (POL) riding Itoulon B. Second place belonged to Adam Nicpoń (POL) with Cycera, and third to Germany’s Christoph Amelong-Heiden with Shacarola.


The main sponsor of CAVALIADA Tour is PKO Bank Polski. The event is organized by Grupa MTP and hosted in the city of Sopot.