Podium dominated by the Poles

2 December 2018

Jarosław Skrzyczyński, a representative of Poland, on Chacclana won the CSI4-W Grand Prix competition of Cavaliada Poznań in a great style. None of the largest equestrian events in the world would be ashamed of this level of sport and the atmosphere that we experienced today in hall 5 of MTP.

Fifty pairs entered the Grand Prix competition for the PKO BP award held under the patronage of the President of Poznań. Only 13 of them made it flawlessly through the course, which was technically very demanding. The fight in the final was fierce and the leader changed several times. The Poles proved the best ones. Jarosław Skrzyczyński on mare Chacclana rode the fastest and made it in the shortest time (34.54). Michał Kazimierczak on Stakorado was just a little worse (35.20). He was proud to comment “Stakorado has been in a very good shape for three months now and I hope it will stay in shape for as long as possible. It is a horse you have to deal with calmly to find an agreement, but when it enters the arena, it gives you the maximum of its capabilities.”

“The arena was worthy of the Grand Prix level. Thirteen competitors entered the tournament. What more can be said here; the qualifying stage was quite difficult and only the best ones made it, so it wasn’t possible for only two or three riders to complete the course without any mistakes. During the tournament, the host of the track tried to raise the difficulty even more, but it wasn’t necessary, because the tournament is all about having more fun. Now Chacclana will have a well-deserved rest, and then we will begin preparations for the next stage of our road to the World Cup, i. e. Cavaliada in Warsaw, where the final of the Central European League will be held. I hope to get a good result there and make it to the World Cup in Gothenburg,” said Jarosław Skrzyczyński, who has had a very successful season in 2018, today scoring another 100 points for the world ranking and a set of points for the Central European League of the World Cup’s Northern Sub-Division. There are signs that the coming FEI ranking he will see him advance, perhaps making it to the world top 50.

“Before the Grand Prix I was a little nervous because I didn’t know exactly how we would do. It is a great mare and today she performed great jumps. This is my first time in Poland and before coming here I did not know what to expect. When I went to the main arena for the first time, I was very surprised by what it was like. During the competitions the audience was amazing, people were cheering to the rhythm of music and it was so nice to ride here. If the other locations are like Poznań, I will certainly return to the full Cavaliada Tour,” said the German representative Rupert Carl Winkelmann, who took the third place.

The Polish rider Michalina Maria Terlecka on Suleyken won the dressage competition at the Intermediate I level. The second place went to Maria Sysojeva from Lithuania on Boss Diamant, followed by Agnieszka Wiśniewska mare Tara.

The Cavaliada Future competition, in which the youngest competitors took part, was very exciting. Zofia Ćwik on Tedi was the best in the Midi category. She completed the course flawlessly in 28.57 in the second stage. The 11-year-old Martyna Ufnal on Ramiro (Mini category) proved to be unrivalled as well. She won thanks to risky cuts and extraordinary precision. ;

The competition in Poznań opened the 2018/2019 Cavaliada Tour series. The next stage will take place in Lublin from January 31 to February 3, 2019.