Saturday brings victory to Dominik Słodczyk

3 February 2019

Dominik Słodczyk, Jan Vinckier from Belgium and the world champion Bartłomiej Kwiatek are the heroes of the third day of CAVALIADA Lublin. As always, the audience gathered in the capital of the Lublin region did not disappoint, giving the athletes a huge support from the stands.

The final competition of the Medium Round (two-phase, 135 cm) for the award of Kwiaty Polskie (Polish Flowers) was on a high level. Only 15 out of 60 horses successfully completed both phases. Winning here not only required great technical skills, but also a bit of risk. The winner of the competition was Jan Vinckier, a representative of Belgium riding an 8-year-old gelding Qantas from the Kunowo Stud. Over the last two seasons the couple won 8 classes for young horses, both small and medium rounds. Surely, it will soon be time for a debut in a Longines Rankings competition. The second place in this competition was taken by Jarosław Skrzyczyński on Akkol and the third place by Mściwoj Kiecoń on Sir Sapporo MK.

Dominik Słodczyk was definitely the hero of today. Riding Aperitif in the morning competition of the Small Round (regular, 120 cm) for award of Andrewex, under the patronage of the Polish Horse Breeders’ Association, he defeated his rivals. Additionally, in the evening, he gave an excellent ride in Speed & Music. Riding Drako not only was he fast, but also very precise. The second place on the podium went to Andrius Petrovas (LTU) on Gigollo and the third place was taken by yesterday’s winner of the Longines Rankings class, Dawid Skiba, who rode Secret Weapon L.

As far as the CAVALIADA Future competitions for the PKO Bank Polski award under the patronage of Torpol are concerned, the winners were: in the mini category – Natalia Głowacz on Szaman, and in the midi category – Zofia Ćwik on Teti. The relay races saw victories of: Martyna Ufnal and Ramiro, Blanka Brzeska and Kilimandżaro, Aleksandra Kierznowska and Valencia.

The fourth stage of the Driving Polish Indoor Cup (HPPP) for the BMW Best Audio Lublin Dealer Award, under the patronage of the Polish Equestrian Federation, was a great victory for the world champion Bartłomiej Kwiatek. He started the second turn in the third place. This meant he was the first to ride, not knowing what his rivals would do. He remained calm, drove quite fast, yet he was very accurate, thus forcing the more experienced athletes in the four-in-hands to take more risks.

“I admit that if you compare the last year’s qualifiers or the qualifiers from two years ago when the fours started for the first time to the competition today, you can see that the other athletes have drawn conclusions and have been practising. Today, every single team was a potential winner,” concludes Bartłomiej Kwiatek. “It is great that CAVALIADA has built a competition in which even newcomers, like Łukasz Hałupka, look fantastic and have a real chance to win,” he adds.

This way, Piotr Mazurek finished second today, followed by Ireneusz Kozłowski in the third place. Bartłomiej Kwiatek remains the leader of the HPPP ranking.