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The first day of CAVALIADA SOPOT has finished


We ended the first day of CAVALIADA Sopot, held for the first time ever at ERGO Arena.

We ended the first day of CAVALIADA Sopot, held for the first time ever at ERGO Arena.

For the first time this CAVALIADA season, the evening Venus vs Mars competition was lucky for the ladies. The women gained a total of 7700 points and triumphed over the men today. Team Mars had to settle for second, despite Angelos Touloupis (GRE) with Jardy being the best individual rider of the class. 

The first CAVALIADA Driving Tour class, for the prize of BMG Goworowski Mercedes-Benz and under the patronage of the Polish Equestrian Association, ended with the victory of the leader of the ranking - Sokół Kunowo’s Piotr Mazurek, driving Peloponez, Blizard, Jaśmin and Inwencja. Second place today went to Bartłomiej Kwiatek, and third to Krzysztof Szczepaniak. 


59 pairs took part in the Big Tour, for the prize of Local Trends and under the patronage of the Polish Horse Breeders Association. 17 of them went clear over the 140 cm course, and the fastest one of them was Poland’s Marek Lewicki with the 9-year-old La Pezi.

“My strategy was to try and go fast with my other horse Itoulon, because he is in great shape and feeling great – he eventually finished sixth. With La Pezi I wanted to go calm and smooth, but it’s not easy with her – she’s really strong, willing, and happy to go forward. I took all the shortcuts, she jumped great and I’m very happy. I think that she has a lot of potential for bigger classes in the future. She will be my pick for the Grand Prix. Our horses, as you can see, are feeling great at ERGO Arena, the atmosphere is amazing, and we have a big, beautiful arena that gives the riders and the course designers a lot of options and opportunities.” – said the winner.


Second place went to Jarosław Skrzyczyński with Inturido, and third to Estonia’s Paul-Richard Argus aboard Freedom.

The Middle Tour class, for the prize of Bucas and under the patronage of, saw exactly 104 riders on the starting list. Therefore, following the rules of the International Equestrian Federation, the classification was split in two and there were two winning pairs: Greece’s Angelos Touloupis with Jardy and Polish athlete Stanisław Przedpełski riding Eskobar.

The winner of the Small Tour, for the prize of Golden Marketing Conference and under the patronage of, was Latvian rider Kristine Egle with Cincinatti Z. Janely Saar from Estonia with Ilsonne V Bareelhof took home the second, and third went to Nadia Lehmann (POL) with Silver Star.

The first class of the Amateur Tour, presented by Nuba Equi, ended with the win of Lena Rybak-Massalska with Hassan van de Wittemoere. Roksana Naumiuk with Starlight finished second, and Marcelina Klasa riding Pearl Night was third.