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VIP offer - an event in the prestigious space


The VIP area during CAVALIADA includes two attractive spaces. Book a VIP Table or buy a ticket for the VIP Stand and feel special.

The VIP area is conducive to both meetings and a moment of relaxation at a cup of coffee. It is a favourite place of top competitors, businessmen, celebrities and many industry insiders. Only guests from the VIP Stand and VIP Table have access to the VIP area. 

For our VIP guests, we have prepared a prestigious space consisting of the VIP Lounge and the VIP Area connected to the grandstand. The VIP Lounge ideally meets the conditions for business meetings, but also offers the opportunity to observe the main arena from the “front row”. The number of exclusive VIP tables is limited. On the other hand, the VIP Zone is a space where you can relax during breaks in the competitions, perfect for conversation and entertainment. It is connected to a dedicated VIP Stand from where visitors can watch the sporting contests.


The VIP area during CAVALIADA includes two attractive spaces. 

VIP Lounge 6-seater tables with a perfect view of the main arena, ultimate comfort, proximity to the equestrian excitement, full waiter service at your table, snacks and drinks and meals served throughout the day. In addition, each guest of the VIP Lounge can sit at  the VIP STAND and relax in a specially arranged space (VIP Zone) outside the main arena.
Table reservations only with the coordinator - Weronika Walkiewicz +48 691 029 067

The VIP Lounge is designated exclusively for our sponsors and VIP guests who have made a reservation in advance
. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal place for business meetings, but also an opportunity to watch the main arena from the “front row” with the family.

Excellent service and delicious dishes make this prestigious space more and more popular every year. The number of exclusive VIP tables is limited.

The VIP Stand - a comfortable catering and relaxation area connected to the VIP stand. All VIP guests are provided with parking, dedicated reception desks and catering in the form of snacks and chef's meals.